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Posted: 2017-05-01 @ 9:49am PT
I still see Scorpio going for less than 499US. Using old tech in new ways always lowers the cost, then adding how consoles use newer drivers to squeeze out just a bit more power. The Jaguar has been out for some time and has had several complete upgrades on the drivers, making them ideal for cost versus power if customized already, as they are then even more so for power for cost.

Xbox has always pushed their hardware hard, but Xbox One was pushed too hard. When using old hardware in new ways, eSRam was a good idea, but when added to old gddr3 ram, it just was not enough to help the old hardware. Yes you got a bit more gb/s out of it, but it just could not compete with gddr5, not to mention the rest of the hardware.

Xbox has a good idea, they waited for PS to release the Pro, even though they had an upgraded Xbox besides the S already in dev for last year but put the project on hold so they could dev new tech that would have more hardware compatibility with regular Xbox One games.

Scorpio will have Hardware and some Software compatibility with XB1, the hardware being the Jag cores. Though they are customized, they still work. Next, the software makes up for the eSRam and upgrade in the ram, from gddr3 to gddr5.

I don't know if this is good or really bad, but from what I have seen it is good, so far.

The really bad could be if they fail to give what they have promised. Even though the Pro has failed in the same regard, Gamers would never let Xbox live it down, not after the mediocre XB1. We still need a lot of info. That would be a deal breaker for many gamers such as the VR, because if they follow PS VR, then we will have issues. Being that PS VR is, well one step above Phone VR, or maybe below considering it is wired and uses the PS Eye (the one thing that caused the PS4 to be cheaper) to operate correctly.

I can't wait to see what Xbox has in store for us, however they still need to work on 1st party game. Even if gamers that play Xbox understand it would help them dig out of the hole they find their selves in.


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