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1. Disillusioned with Facebook? Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

2. Move Over, Alexa: IBM Unveils Watson Smart Assistant

3. Facebook Feels Like Home, But Is It Time To Move On?

4. IBM Scientists Aim To Kill Drug-Resistant Superbugs

5. Nest Unveils Temperature Sensor To Keep Your Home Cozy

6. Fitbit's New Versa Smart Watch Offers Health Features Galore

7. Shhh! Streaming March Madness When the Boss Isn't Around

8. Will Ride-Hailing Apps Cure Medical Transportation Woes?

9. Facebook Signs Exclusive Deal To Stream 25 MLB Games

10. Intel Launches Optane 800P: Super-Charged, Fast, and Pricey SSD

11. Super Smash Bros Coming to Nintendo Switch Lineup

12. Alexa's Random, Creepy Laughter Is Freaking Out Echo Users

13. Oculus Rift VR Headsets Got Bricked for a Very Silly Reason

14. Amazon Offers Medicaid Recipients a Prime Discount

15. Google Search Now Available on Apple's iMessages, Safari

16. Anatomy of a Bitcoin Purchase: A Used Car Transaction

17. Twitter Doesn't Want To Be a Cesspool of Bots and Abuse

18. Smart Home Startups Are Being Snapped Up by Tech Giants

19. Social Media App Vero Blows Up, But Success Creates Problems

20. Rumors and Leaks Point to Stylish New Fitbit Blaze 2


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