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1. Apple of My Ear: The iPhone 7's Missed Audio Opportunity

2. How To Decode Your Tinder Date's Musical 'Anthem'

3. What the iPhone 7 Reveals about Apple's Augmented-Reality Plans

4. Google Rejoins Messaging Wars with Its Artificially Intelligent App Allo

5. Google Allo: Smart Enough For Your Chat?

6. Samsung: Three Reports of China Phone Battery Fire

7. Opera's New VPN Promises To Keep Your Web Browsing Private

8. GoPro Unveils Its New Karma Quadcopter

9. Man Sues After Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes in His Pants

10. Lyft Says Robots Will Drive Most of Its Cars in Five Years

11. Galaxy Note 7 Recall Shows Challenges of Stronger Batteries

12. Tesla Says Jealousy, Not Autopilot Concerns, Caused Mobileye Breakup

13. Those Chirps and Chimes in Your Car Have Science Behind Them

14. Recall Alert: What To Do If You Own a Samsung Galaxy Note7

15. Pandora Revamps Its $5 a Month Radio Service

16. The 'Secret Browser' Inside Apple's iOS 10

17. Twitter To Launch App on Apple TV, Others To Stream NFL

18. Sony Promises VR Music Video, Other Content

19. No, Apple's New AirPods Won't Give You Cancer, Experts Say

20. Tech May Help Steer Older Drivers Down a Safer Road


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