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1. Mark Zuckerberg Appears in Court Over VR Allegations

2. Lyft Is On Track To Turn a Profit, But Will Need To Spend More

3. Nintendo Debuts Hotly Anticipated Nintendo Switch Console

4. Connected Cars Pose a Cybersecurity Challenge

5. Review: Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch

6. Cruise Company Carnival Gets Personal with Concierge Tech

7. DirecTV Now: A Trial Is Free, But It's a Hard Sell for Some

8. Testing Wearable Sensors as 'Check Engine' Light for Health

9. Can Faraday Future Build a Car? It Has a Year To Prove It

10. Nintendo Switch: Is This Hybrid Console the Future of Gaming?

11. Protect Your Phone from Secret Spyware

12. Shhh, Your Washing Machine Might Overhear You

13. Protecting Your Privacy on Amazon Echo and Google Home

14. Anti-Surveillance Clothing Hides Wearers from Facial Recognition

15. The Big Thing in TV Sets This Year Is ... Big TV Sets

16. Samsung Shows Off IoT, Entertainment, and Gaming Devices

17. CES: 5 Things To Watch at the Biggest Tech Show of the Year

18. Apple FaceTime Targeted in Distracted Driving Lawsuit

19. Facebook Goes After Rival Snapchat

20. Driverless New Year: Self-Driving Startups To Watch in 2017


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