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1. Facebook Launches 'Trending Super Bowl'

2. Tripda Service, Like Uber for Long Trips, Nabs $11M in Capital

3. Snapchat Builds Discover, a Hub for News, Media

4. NFL, YouTube Partner To Post Official Clips

5. Ashton Kutcher Launches New Online Platform

6. Cablevision Offers WiFi-Only Cell Phone Service

7. Hands-On with Microsoft's Hologram Device

8. Smart Gadgets: Trusted Helpers or Oppressive Companions?

9. Magzter App Offers All-You-Can Read Magazines

10. Japan's Talking Robot Sota Won't Make Much Sense

11. Snowplow Tracking Apps Hold Cities Accountable

12. LG To Launch Curved G Flex 2 Smartphone

13. Got Battery? Lots of Low Battery Hacks, No Quick Fix

14. 4chan Founder To Retire from Notorious Site

15. Windows 10: Is the Steak as Good as the Sizzle?

16. Review: Open E-Book Format Comes with Headaches

17. Facebook Asks Users To Flag Hoaxes in News Feed

18. Can Computers Beat Movie Critics?

19. Millennials Use Tech Tools To Jump into Investing

20. Facebook Likes Can Predict Your Personality


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