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1. Project Scorpio: Xbox Chief Talks Up Plans for Console Domination

2. Fitbit Data Connects Husband to Wife's Murder

3. Hot Switch Sales Boost Nintendo Sales, Trim Quarterly Loss

4. Study Finds Samsung's S8 Phones More Prone to Screen Cracks

5. Optometrists Aim To Limit Online Eye Exams

6. The Fingerprint Sensor on Your Smartphone May Not Be Foolproof

7. Facebook's Business Model for Messenger: How Will It Make Money?

8. Tilted Device Could Pinpoint Pin Number for Hackers, Study Claims

9. Toyota Shows Robotic Leg Brace To Help Paralyzed People Walk

10. Good News for Diabetics? Apple Investigating No-Prick Sensors

11. NHL Adding iPads on Benches for Playoffs

12. Professor Behind Designated Drivers Takes on Distracted Ones

13. Netflix Looking for a Thumbs Up as Star Rating Fades

14. Cable Giant Comcast Offers Cellular Plans on Verizon Network

15. Amazon Picks off NFL Thursday Night from Twitter

16. Twitter Creates 'Lite' Version for Data-Starved Users

17. Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Exciting and Yes, Almost Comfortable

18. Twitter Eases 140-Character Limit in Replies

19. Waze Gets Into the Order-Ahead Business with Dunkin' Donuts

20. Elon Musk's Neuralink Aims To Plug Into Your Brain


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