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1. Self-Driving Cars Now Need a Permit in California

2. Options Abound for Selling Used Mobile Phones

3. Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker for $2.5 Billion

4. Letting Your Car Find a Spot and Park Itself

5. DWNLD Lets You Build an App in Mere Minutes

6. Apple's Smartwatch: Timely Idea or Clocked Out?

7. For Gamers, Waiting Can Be the Hardest Part

8. NFL Turns to Tech in Ongoing Revenue Hunt

9. Verizon Plans a la Carte Video Service by Mid-2015

10. Apple Lures Consumers into Mobile Payments

11. Silicon Valley Struggles To Speak FDA's Language

12. Deezer Targets High End in U.S. with Sonos

13. What iOS 8 Brings to the Mobile Table

14. What's New with the iPhone 6?

15. Apple Watch Plays on iOS Innovations

16. Startups Offer Banking for Smartphone Users

17. Season's New Phones Are All About Selfie Image

18. Where To Sell Your iPhone 5s, 5c and 5

19. Review: Samsung Phones Impress, But New Apps Key

20. Phones, Watches and More Unveiled at IFA Tech Show


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