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1. Facebook Changes News Feed To Prioritize Friends over Publishers

2. Google Offers New Way for Users To Manage Ads, Personal Data

3. Self-Driving Cars May Dramatically Change Auto-Insurance Industry

4. Can Google Glass Help Autistic Children Read Faces?

5. NFL Teams Trying To Reduce Fumbles with Beeping Footballs

6. Is Your Set-Top Box Telling Advertisers What You Watch?

7. Big Changes Coming for Video Game Consoles, Are You Ready?

8. 3-D Pens, Moldable Earbuds Take Stage at Tech Show in NY

9. Uber Aims To Give Upfront Price, Kills Off the Scary Lightning Bolt

10. Agency Hopes Apps Will Keep Drones Away from Wildfires

11. How Do You Teach Human Interaction to a Robot? Lots of TV

12. Temporary Blindness Tied to Nighttime Smartphone Use

13. Samsung Launches Notebook 7 Spin, a Fast-Charging 2-in-1

14. A Look at the Winners and Losers of E3

15. Apple Pressures Unicode Into Pulling Rifle Emoji

16. Waze Navigation App Adds Alternate Routes in Los Angeles

17. Pay TV Providers Pitch 'Ditch the Box' Plan

18. Apple Watch Will Soon Track Fitness for Wheelchair Users

19. Spider-Man, Batman Coming to PlayStation

20. Did It for Orlando: ISIS Twitter Sites Hacked To Support Gay Pride


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