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1. In Loving Memory of AOL's AIM Instant Messenger

2. Samsung's Notebook 9 Pen Is a 'Beautiful Computing Device'

3. Verizon Buys NFL Streaming Rights for Yahoo Sports

4. Google's 'Appsperiments' Use AI for Advanced Mobile Image Manipulation

5. Review: Google Pixelbook Is the King of Chromebooks

6. Caution: Smartphone Addiction Can Imbalance the Brain

7. Technology Takeover Is Changing How We Invest

8. Who Won Big at the 2017 Game Awards?

9. No YouTube on Amazon Gizmos? Don't Worry, You Have Options

10. American and Other Airlines To Ban Smart Bags

11. Holiday Streaming: Choosing a Device Without Overpaying

12. HBD! The Text Message Turns 25 Years Old

13. Google Doodle Celebrates 50 Years of Kids Coding

14. Home and Health Gadget Gifts for the Holidays

15. Amazon Working on Self-Dismantling Drone

16. Should Police Have a Warrant To Review Cellphone Tower Data?

17. Googling 101: How To Perform the Most Effective Online Search

18. Cyber Monday Deals Hit the Travel Industry

19. One Facebook Like Can Shape the Advertising You See

20. FCC Gives Phone Companies New Tools To Block Spam Calls


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