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1. Is the Amazon Fire Phone a Winner?

2. Review: Amazon Fire Offers New Ways To Use Phones

3. Social Media Haters Speak Up in Customer Satisfaction Survey

4. Internet of Things Comes to DIYers, Thanks to LittleBit

5. Netflix Tops 50M Subscribers as Earnings Soar

6. Nvidia Revamps Shield as an Android Game Tablet

7. Verizon Puts More Muscle Behind FiOS Upload Speeds

8. More 'TV Anywhere' Solutions from Sling Media

9. Mobile Apps Offer Last-Minute Deals

10. Drive-Ins Use Creativity To Afford Digital Switch

11. Axed Nokia X Phones Suffered from Lack of Identity

12. Amazon Launches Kindle E-Book Subscription Service

13. Bill Ensures E-Mails, Photos Won't Die with You

14. Novartis and Google To Develop 'Smart' Contact Lens

15. 'How May I Help You?' Asks Jibo the Social Robot

16. Apple iWatch Set To Rock Smart Watch Market

17. Got a Rash? iPad and Other Devices May Be the Cause

18. LG Debuts Transparent and Flexible TV Screens

19. Kansas Won't Release Data from Reading, Math Tests

20. LG Unrolls a TV Screen That Rolls Up


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