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1. Expect Future Pokemon Go Features To Bring New Temptations

2. New Nvidia GPU Packs a Punch

3. So Long Siri, Hello Alexa: Goodbye Privacy?

4. The Best Apps for Improving Your Public Speaking

5. Startups Aim To Be Like Uber for Women, with Female Drivers

6. The Lure of Pokemon Go: Respite from a Summer of Violence

7. NFL To Put Microchips in Footballs To Study Kicks

8. Popularity of Airbnb, Uber Surges with American Summer Travelers

9. How To Choose a Fitness Tracker When They All Sound the Same

10. The Wait Is Over for Pokemon Go Fans in Japan

11. Plans for Self-Driving Cars Have Pitfall: The Human Brain

12. Review: Pokemon Go Is a Nifty Idea Marred by Glitches

13. Google Reportedly Working on Standalone VR/AR Headset

14. Giving Unique Voices to Those Who Can't Speak

15. Aside from Investors, Who Else Can Cash In on Pokemon Go Craze?

16. Shooting 360 Videos: Ditch All You Learned with Cameras

17. Possible Glitch Sends Pokemon Go Players to S. Korean City

18. Adobe Boosts Lightroom Mobile Photo App

19. Google Acquires Content-Sharing Startup Kifi

20. Watch Out! Your Smartwatch Can Divulge Your Passwords and ATM PIN


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