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1. Review: Google Photo Service Is Strong on Search

2. Silicon Valley's Financial Tech Boom: Tablets Become Advisors

3. On-Demand Doctor Apps Bring Uber Approach to Medicine

4. Better Than Friends? This Robot Gives Undivided Attention

5. Review: Apple Music Has Everything, Perhaps Too Much

6. Depressed? Your Cell Phone Might Be Able To Diagnose You

7. Selling That Sofa Online? Think About Going to the Cop Shop

8. Microsoft Takes a Stand Against Revenge Porn

9. Even Apple Loyalists Taking Their Time on Apple Watch

10. Nokia Reportedly Building Virtual Reality Hardware

11. Hitchhiking Robot Embarks on Coast-to-Coast Tour

12. Tesla's Ludicrous Mode Shoots Model S to 60 mph in 2.8 Seconds

13. Tweet at Your Own Risk: Coach Rejects Recruits Based on Twitter Handle

14. Robots Do Check-In and Check-Out at Cost-Cutting Japan Hotel

15. Google Self-Driving Car Involved in First Injury Accident

16. Facebook's Oculus Buys Israeli Gesture Tech Firm Pebbles Interfaces

17. Facebook, Twitter Become Go-To News Sources in U.S.

18. Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata Was Always Willing To Take a Risk

19. Like Gym Memberships, Enthusiasm for Fitness Trackers Drops

20. Comcast Unveils New Streaming TV Service


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