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1. As Student Tests Move Online, Keyboarding Enters Curriculum

2. Cellphone Traffic Tickets Are Way Down, But Why?

3. Verizon Slices Up the Bundle, Lets Customers Choose

4. New Video-Streaming Apps Turn TV Stars into Phone Friends

5. Poll: Science, Math and Art Valued More than Technology

6. The Latest Tool for Selling Real Estate: FaceTime

7. Facebook Messenger Apps Infuse Emotion into Texts

8. Have It Your Way: Verizon Unbundles Its FiOS Pay TV Packages

9. Netflix Enthralls Viewers in 1Q with Original Programming

10. Colleges Grapple with Cheating in the Digital Age

11. Android Phone Gone AWOL? Just Google It.

12. More Teens Turning to Instagram, Snapchat, Survey Finds

13. Users Overwhelmed by E-Mail Overload

14. Review: Many Choices, Indecision with Apple Watch

15. Smartphones May Be Used To Predict Earthquakes

16. Review: New Apple Photos App Makes Fixing, Cropping Easy

17. Passengers in Robotic Cars May Be Prone to Motion Sickness

18. Most Teens Rely on Smartphones to Go Online, Study Finds

19. Awesome! Lego Dimensions Combining Bricks, Franchises

20. Teens Still Love Facebook, Pew Study Finds


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