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21. Hey Alexa, Take Me Out to the Ball Game and Buy Some Peanuts

22. Nest Wants Your Home Security Camera To Recognize You

23. Fitness Trackers Out of Step When Measuring Calories

24. Microsoft's Beam Game Streaming Service Gets Mixer Makeover

25. Schools Using Smart Phone Technology Against Sex Assaults

26. T-Mobile Debuts Digits: One Phone Number, Multiple Devices

27. Zuckerberg Urges Harvard Grads To Build a World of 'Purpose'

28. Computer Beats Chinese Champion in Ancient Board Game of Go

29. Facebook's Secret Rules and Guidelines Exposed

30. Sorry, Snapchat, Instagram Now Has Fun Face Filters, Too

31. Some of Google's New Features Seem ... Familiar

32. Arms: How Nintendo Is Reinventing the Motion Game

33. Google Unveils Latest Tech Tricks as Computers Get Smarter

34. Amazon's Streaming Software Powers New Smart TVs

35. HTC Unveils the U11 Squeeze-Sensing Smartphone

36. Nurture, Not Nature, Explains Internet Trolling

37. Microsoft Steps Up Move Into Virtual-Reality Market

38. Will Snapchat's New Features Make It More Useful for Marketers?

39. Microsoft Debuts the Invoke Smart Speaker

40. Amazon Gives Voice-Enabled Speaker a Screen, Video Calling


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