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21. Ring: From Shark Tank Reject to Amazon Acquisition for $1B

22. Amazon's Alexa Now Has McAfee Smarts for Network Security

23. Got an Older PC or Apple TV? No iTunes Store for You!

24. Listen Up: Apple May Launch High-End Headphones

25. Return of the Banana Phone: Nokia Brings Back the 8110

26. TMI? Google's Digital Assistant Makes a Home in Nest Cam

27. Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: Not Science Fiction Anymore

28. Amazon Go Stores Will Open in at Least Six More Cities

29. Apps Bring Fast Food to Your Doorstep -- But It's Going To Cost You

30. Amazon Cooks Up a Credit Card Deal for Whole Foods Shoppers

31. Samsung Galaxy S9: Leaks, Rumors and What We Actually Know

32. Businesses Rethink Workplace Romance Policies

33. Magic Leap and the NBA Aim To Change How We Watch Basketball

34. Apple's New Speaker Stains Tech Giant's Design Reputation

35. Everyone Hates the Snapchat Update, But Snap Is Unmoved

36. Is Your Smart TV Vulnerable to Hackers?

37. Apple HomePod: Amazing Sound, But Not for Everybody

38. Amazon Testing Delivery of Whole Foods Groceries

39. Snap's Tough Year: Time To Flip the Narrative

40. Cancer from Cellphones? New Studies Say Don't Worry


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