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21. Project Scorpio: Xbox Chief Talks Up Plans for Console Domination

22. Fitbit Data Connects Husband to Wife's Murder

23. Hot Switch Sales Boost Nintendo Sales, Trim Quarterly Loss

24. Study Finds Samsung's S8 Phones More Prone to Screen Cracks

25. Optometrists Aim To Limit Online Eye Exams

26. The Fingerprint Sensor on Your Smartphone May Not Be Foolproof

27. Facebook's Business Model for Messenger: How Will It Make Money?

28. Facebook's Future Goals: Brain, Body Hacks for Speech-Free Communication

29. What Is the Internet of Things and How Can It Grow My Business?

30. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Creep Up Slowly on Electrics

31. Facebook Talks of Building Community through Augmented Reality

32. Phones and Social Media Turn Consumers into Whistleblowers

33. Tilted Device Could Pinpoint Pin Number for Hackers, Study Claims

34. Former Microsoft Managers Take on LinkedIn, Focus on Recruiting

35. Review: Samsung Galaxy S8 Creates Strong First Impressions

36. Amazon Intros Tools To Help Parents Monitor Kids' Tablet Use

37. Aspiring Tech Prodigy Tries To Re-Route Self-Driving Cars

38. Toyota Shows Robotic Leg Brace To Help Paralyzed People Walk

39. Good News for Diabetics? Apple Investigating No-Prick Sensors

40. NHL Adding iPads on Benches for Playoffs


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