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21. Who Wants To Be an Adult? Teens Taking Their Time Growing Up

22. The GIF Celebrates 30 Years of Dancing Babies

23. Nest Labs Debuts Smart Doorbell with Facial Recognition Technology

24. Japan's Emoji Creator Saw Nuance in Pictures

25. Review: Apple Watch Goes Solo, But Hang Onto Your Phone

26. Instagram Is Eating Away at Snapchat's Share of New Users

27. Hangry! Bae! Words With Friends Adds 50,000 New Words

28. Report: Alexa-Powered Smart Glasses in the Works

29. China Detains Software Developer for Firewall Evasion Service

30. Old Phones Piling Up? Here's How To Reuse, Recycle or Sell Them

31. High-Tech Pigskin: NFL Mines Data with Football Chips

32. Don't Want To Spend $999 on a Phone? Other Options Abound

33. All NFL Games Will Air Online, But Watching Won't Be Easy

34. Red Sox Reportedly Used Apple Watch To Steal Yankees' Signs

35. Walkie-Talkie App Zello Gets a Hurricane Boost

36. Apple's TV Plans Are Still Stuck in Neutral

37. Are Self-Driving Cars a Hacker's Dream? Think Again

38. Selfies Could Help Screen for Pancreatic Cancer

39. Posts, Tweets Spread Widely in the Search for Harvey's Missing

40. Best Buy Rolls Out At-Home Consulting Service


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