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41. Amazon May Join Messaging Market with Competitor to WhatsApp

42. Google Backup and Sync Lets You Back Up Everything on Your PC

43. Bad Behavior Is Trending Online, Spilling Over into Real Life

44. Snap Shares Dip Below IPO Price for the First Time

45. Oculus Rift Price Slashed Amid Sales Concerns

46. Best Things To Buy on Amazon Prime Day 2017

47. Smart Phone Technology Can Be Used for Good or Evil

48. AI in Your Earphones? The Brave New World of Hearables

49. Hackers Could Tap EEGs, Observe Brainwaves To Steal Passwords

50. Study: Texting on a Mobile Phone Makes You Walk Silly

51. Inspector Gadget: How Smart Devices Are Outsmarting Criminals

52. Microsoft's Play Anywhere Program Fails To Attract Big Game Studios

53. Timberwolves Sign 3-Year Deal with Fitbit for Jersey Patch

54. Amazon's Echo Show Opens Smart Home Camera Control to Developers

55. Review: OnePlus 5 Is Fast and Smooth

56. All That's Cool and Quirky at the Paris Air Show

57. From Bleeps of 'Pong' and 'Mario,' Game Music Comes of Age

58. Facebook Deploys AI To Fight Terrorism on Its Network

59. Best Buy's New Weapon Against Amazon: Try Before You Buy

60. Major Electronic Entertainment Show Offers Glimpse of Future


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