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Thursday July 2, 2015
Ride-Sharing Forces Automakers To Rethink How They Sell Cars
The rapid growth of ride-sharing startups is changing transportation, making it easier to get around without owning a car, and forcing automakers into new strategies to lure buyers.

Your Face on Your Espresso? Highlights from Tech Show
Imagine staring deep into the foam of your favorite espresso drink and seeing a face looking back at you. Or using the charge in your fingers to clean your teeth? It's all at the CE Week gadget show.

Apple Music Versus the Streaming Competition
Music and tech industry observers expect Apple devotees will sign up for Apple Music in droves to take the streaming service for a test spin, but can it knock out industry leader Spotify?

Audio Overkill? Some Question Benefits of 'High-Res' Music
Recording-tech experts say the super high-res format, known by its 192 kHz, 24-bit technical specs, is pricy digital overkill, an oversized "bit bucket" with sounds only dogs or dolphins can truly enjoy.

Facebook Adds Snapchat-Like Photo Upload Features
Although Snapchat offers a different communication platform than Facebook does, Facebook execs have taken notice of Snapchat's form of photo-based expression. And they seem to approve.

Uber Could Track Users After They Leave Car, Privacy Group Claims
A privacy rights organization has lashed out against Uber, accusing the country's largest ride-sharing company of plans to deceptively collect personal passenger data under an updated privacy policy.

Review: Apple Has Best Smartwatch, But Rivals Have Strengths
Even if you wish the Apple Watch could do more, it's arguably the best smartwatch available, given its polished design and range of apps. But there may be reasons to consider something else.

You Know You Want One: Lexus Says Its Hoverboard Really Flies
Automaker Lexus has unveiled an online ad featuring a hoverboard, but "Back to the Future" fans won't be getting their hands on it. The futuristic skateboard was not invented to be sold.

Ten Games that Made a Lasting Impression at E3 2015
The Electronic Entertainment Expo landed in Los Angeles with a thunder of hype. But now that the circus has left town, it's time to ask the most important question: What's worth playing?



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