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Saturday October 25, 2014
Apple Pay Q&A: What You Need To Know
Now, with Apple's new mobile payment system Apple Pay, you can flash your new iPhone in the checkout line to pay for food, clothing and other goods. There's no need to pull out your credit card.

Beyond GoPro: Skiers and Snowboarders Go High-Tech
With a growing number of apps, high-tech goggles and other digital devices that can measure with precision all your moves down a mountain, old-fashioned storytelling may not cut it anymore.

Tablets, Cars Drive AT&T Wireless Gains
The nation's second-largest wireless carrier, AT&T, gained 2 million wireless subscribers in the latest quarter, but most were from cheaper non-phone services such as tablets and Internet-connected cars.

Early Apple Computer Sells for $905,000 at Auction
A vintage Apple computer that was one of only 50 made in Steve Jobs' garage in 1976 sold for $905,000 at auction, far exceeding pre-sale estimates and outdoing a previous high price.

Android Wear Gets GPS and Goes Rogue
Google has unveiled the first major update to its Android Wear platform, adding numerous features, including support for GPS sensors, as well as a fourth wearable device, Sony’s Smart Watch 3.

iPad Air 2 Review: Better Cameras, Less Glare
What you see -- and get -- with the iPad Air 2 is a better camera. Packed with a faster processor, the 9.7-inch tablet is also 18 percent thinner and 7 percent lighter than the previous model.

Samsung Seeks Boost from Redesigned Note
The latest version of Samsung's popular big-screen Galaxy Note has gone on sale at a crucial time for the South Korean company as it suffers a rapid decline in profit from its global smartphone biz.

Not So Fast Cordcutters -- Cable's Not Going Anywhere
Customers who are tired of paying big fees for hundreds of channels they never watch just to have access to a few favorite shows might soon be expected to start cancelling cable service in droves.

Faulty Air Bags Prompt Massive Alert
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a rare alert to the drivers of more than 4.7 million vehicles with faulty air bags, which may fail to deploy in a crash or explode before any collision


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