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Tuesday July 28, 2015
Silicon Valley's Financial Tech Boom: Tablets Become Advisors
The financial tech boom is in full force, driven by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs creating Web and mobile tech to offer personal and business loans, manage IRAs and college savings accounts and more.

On-Demand Doctor Apps Bring Uber Approach to Medicine
A flurry of new Uber-like services that send doctors to patients' homes are aiming to streamline medical care -- cutting out waiting rooms, receptionists and trips to the doctor's office.

Better Than Friends? This Robot Gives Undivided Attention
Pepper, the new companion robot from Tokyo-based technology company Softbank Corp., delivers cuteness like you've never seen. What's striking is the absolutely ardent attention it gives you.

Review: Apple Music Has Everything, Perhaps Too Much
The new music service from Apple is a valiant effort to catch up in the emerging business of offering unlimited music on demand for a monthly fee. It does so while acknowledging iTunes' legacy.

Depressed? Your Cell Phone Might Be Able To Diagnose You
It should come as no surprise that our smartphones -- those faithful companions we tote through life -- could detect whether depression has settled in for a stay, according to new research.

Selling That Sofa Online? Think About Going to the Cop Shop
Online safe zones are popping up at police stations nationwide as authorities try to clamp down on crime associated with online trade between strangers on sites such as Craigslist.

Microsoft Takes a Stand Against Revenge Porn
Revenge porn -- when someone, usually a spurned ex, shares private and sexual images of another person online without consent -- is on the rise, and now Microsoft is stepping up to help combat it.

Even Apple Loyalists Taking Their Time on Apple Watch
For all those who hailed the iPhone as the "Jesus Phone" in 2007, the Apple Watch's arrival has hardly been the second coming. Many, including hardcore Apple fans, are waiting to take the plunge.

Nokia Reportedly Building Virtual Reality Hardware
It might be out of the smartphone business for the moment, but Nokia might be planning to find a niche in another area: virtual reality. The firm may be launching a VR product next week.



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