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Thursday March 23, 2017
President of Embattled Uber Leaves After 6 Months on Job
Jeff Jones, president of the embattled ride-hailing company Uber, has resigned just six months after taking the job. Jones told a tech blog that his values didn't align with Uber's.

Woman Burned After Headphones Explode on Flight to Australia
An Australian woman suffered burns to her face after her battery-operated headphones exploded during a flight from Beijing to Melbourne, Australian air safety investigators have revealed.

Don't Tell Your Boss: How To Stream March Madness Tournament
The 67-game March Madness basketball tournament is upon us, with many games taking place during the day when you're, ahem, supposed to be working. Fortunately, all games will be available online.

Internet-Connected Vibrator Maker Settles Data Spying Lawsuit
A Canadian vibrator maker accused of secretly tracking the intimate habits of thousands of customers via a smartphone app has agreed to spend $5 million to settle a privacy lawsuit in the U.S.

Elite Dating Apps Are Welcome by Some, Offensive to Others
Looking for love? The new Tinder Select is one of several elite dating apps designed to skim the best of the best. Are these more selective dating sites a welcome advance or too pretentious and offensive?

OMG! Is Facebook Messenger Day a Total Ripoff of Snapchat?
Hey, guys, do you totally want to use Snapchat, but don't want to go through the immense hassle of downloading the app onto your phone? Facebook just might have a solution for you.

Nintendo Switch's Big Challenge: Luring Casual Gamers
Traditional gamers are important, but Nintendo will also need lots of casual gamers who are satisfied with playing on a smartphone and would never have dreamed of buying a $300 game machine.

How Can I Stop My Laptop and TV from Spying On Me?
The publication by WikiLeaks of documents it says are from the CIA's secret hacking program describe tools that can turn a world of networked, camera- and mic-equipped devices into eavesdroppers.

Oh Snap? After Bursting Out of the Gate, Shares Give Way
Anyone wanting to invest in the company that owns Snapchat will have an opportunity to do something early investors were unable to do: buy shares for less than the first day of trading.


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