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Friday October 21, 2016
Throttle On? T-Mobile To Pay $48 Million for Misleading Customers
The FCC says T-Mobile has agreed to pay at least $48 million for failing to tell customers that its unlimited data plans actually had some limits. The settlement resolves a year-old investigation.

Zipwhip Nabs $9 Million in Quest To Bring Texting to Landlines
Landline text messaging service Zipwhip has closed a $9 million Series B funding round for 2016, aiming to spread its complete texting solution to allow businesses to communicate with customers.

Nintendo Switch: How Does New Console Measure Up?
Gaming giant Nintendo finally announced Switch, the company's next home console. Much of the speculation about hardware seems to be true, from its portability to the controller interface.

Patriots' Coach Bill Belichick Throws In the Tablet
Can you get work done using a tablet? Microsoft and its Surface tablet seem to think so, but the New England Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick, is going back to using a pen and paper.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco May Have Begun with a Tiny Mistake
It's puzzling that Samsung claimed it was able to identify its phone fire problem with the initial smartphone shipment, fix it, test it and ship a half-million replacement units in just two weeks.

A New Generation Keeps Gears of War Spinning
Marcus Fenix is too old for this ... well, you know the drill. Fortunately, the hero of Microsoft's "Gears of War" franchise has a son, JD, who's more than happy to pick up dad's old weapons.

Your Phone May Be Smart, But Your Doctor Still Knows More
If you're feeling sick and you want to know what's wrong with you, there's an app for that. But the diagnosis won't be as accurate as the one you'd get from a doctor -- not by a long shot.

Robots Organize Your Photos, So You Can Procrastinate
If you're like many people, you have thousands of long-forgotten photos on your phone. Apple and Google now both have tools that use machine learning to bring those forgotten pictures back to life.

For Smartphone-Dependent World, Samsung Troubles Hit Hard
In an age when smartphones have become extensions of ourselves, the last thing we look at before falling asleep and the first thing we grab in the morning, Samsung's woes are unthinkable.



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