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Wednesday November 26, 2014
Google, Apple Compete for a Place in Your Dashboard
Apple and Google want to get in your car. The tech giants have partnered with auto-makers to bring tech into vehicles that's intuitive. Both sides are hoping to solve a vexing problem.

Gift Guide: Dragons, Aliens, Heroes for the Gamer
Sony's PlayStation 4 video-game console has built an impressive lead over its competitors. That's good news for holiday shoppers because it has driven Microsoft and Nintendo to offer more deals.

The Moral Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars
Drivers make split-second decisions based on instinct and a limited view of the dangers around them. The cars of the future will have near-perfect perception and react on programmed logic.

High-Tech Effort Calls Up Smartphones for Ebola Battle
Aid groups point to a gaping hole in the effort to battle the terrifying disease Ebola in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea: the lack of real-time data. How many new cases are cropping up and where?

Help Your Selfie with Some Add-On Gear
Not all selfies are created equal. Some are blurry, poorly framed or miss the action because you might be scrubbing your thumb fishing for a virtual shutter button as the moment passes you by.

FTC Cracks Down on Tech Support Scammers
Have you ever been scammed by a tech support service claiming you have computer issues just so the techs can get into your wallet? Many people have -- and the FTC is working to put a stop to it.

Financial Planning Gets a Dose of Virtual Reality
Pie charts, spreadsheets and eyes glazing over are the usual markers of financial planning. Fidelity Investments is trying to change that equation with an experiment in 3-D technology.

Watch What You Tweet, Those Rants Can Haunt You
Any tweet you've ever made is now indexed and searchable. The good news is that Twitter is allowing you to search for and delete tweets you regret, although it might take some time and effort.

Snapchat Links with Square for Snapcash
First, it was photos then video text. Now, add money to the list of things people can send to each other via the Snapchat app, thanks to a partnership between Snapchat and payment service Square.


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