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Saturday March 24, 2018
Move Over, Alexa: IBM Unveils Watson Smart Assistant
Sick of watching Amazon and Google have all the "smart" fun, IBM just unveiled its own smart assistant. The twist: IBM will license its smart tech to partners to implement in their own products and services.

Facebook Feels Like Home, But Is It Time To Move On?
As users are wringing their hands about whether to leave Facebook, remember this: When your community is a big business, and its biggest business is your community, things can get very messy.

IBM Scientists Aim To Kill Drug-Resistant Superbugs
Researchers with IBM are developing synthetic polymers for medical uses, based on a technology discovered in 2012 when exploring new ways to etch silicon wafers used in semiconductor chips.

Nest Unveils Temperature Sensor To Keep Your Home Cozy
Want a warmer bedroom? Nest's smart heating system just got smarter. The long-awaited Nest Temperature has arrived, letting you get precise heat readings from every corner of your home.

Fitbit's New Versa Smart Watch Offers Health Features Galore
When Fitbit announced its Ionic smartwatch at the tail end of 2017, the company said it planned to make more watches in the near future and the first is already here under the name Fitbit Versa.

Shhh! Streaming March Madness When the Boss Isn't Around
It's March Madness time, and that may mean strategizing to sneak in games when the boss isn't looking. Fortunately all 67 games in the NCAA men's college basketball tournament will be available online.

Will Ride-Hailing Apps Cure Medical Transportation Woes?
Lyft and Uber want to cure a major medical problem for poor people and the elderly: Getting a ride to the doctor. The services are expanding their offer to take patients to and from appointments.

Facebook Signs Exclusive Deal To Stream 25 MLB Games
Social media giant Facebook is getting deeper into the professional sports streaming game, partnering with Major League Baseball to air 25 weekday afternoon games in an exclusive deal.

Intel Launches Optane 800P: Super-Charged, Fast, and Pricey SSD
A year after unveiling "blazing fast" solid-state drives for data centers and other users with high-performance memory and storage needs, Intel has launched new SSDs for mainstream consumers.



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