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Wednesday July 23, 2014
Verizon Puts More Muscle Behind FiOS Upload Speeds
Verizon is pushing upload speeds that match download speeds for its FiOS residential and work-at-home customers. The free upgrade aims to make it faster and easier to upload files and data to the cloud.

More 'TV Anywhere' Solutions from Sling Media
Sling Media, the maker of devices that let people watch their cable channels while traveling, is trying to become more relevant in the living room with features that boost the watching experience.

Mobile Apps Offer Last-Minute Deals
If travelers are flexible, a new breed of mobile applications can offer ease with last-minute deals, especially good for day trips and overnight stays -- along with the thrill of spontaneity and surprise.

Drive-Ins Use Creativity To Afford Digital Switch
Many in the movie industry feared the need to convert to digital could be the death knell for drive-ins, but drive-in operators are finding creative ways to afford the switch -- and stay alive.

Axed Nokia X Phones Suffered from Lack of Identity
So long, Nokia X, we hardly knew you. The Nokia X phones Microsoft discontinued blend two rival operating systems, but leave out the best of each. As a result, the devices didn't become a runaway hit.

Amazon Launches Kindle E-Book Subscription Service
Retailing giant Amazon has announced the creation of a subscription service for its e-book catalog. The offering, known as Kindle Unlimited, gives subscribers access to 600,000 e-books for $9.99.

Bill Ensures E-Mails, Photos Won't Die with You
When you die, should your loved ones have access to your Facebook, Gmail and other online accounts? A group of influential lawyers and experts says yes, unless you specify otherwise in a will.

Novartis and Google To Develop 'Smart' Contact Lens
Pharmaceutical giant Novartis International and technology giant Google have teamed up to create a smart contact lens capable of measuring diabetics' glucose levels and correcting farsightedness.

'How May I Help You?' Asks Jibo the Social Robot
Customers in your office's waiting room are entertained by Jibo, a desk-mounted sociable robot. The little guy also serves as a kiosk, engaging with passersby, or fills in as a receptionist.


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