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Wednesday June 29, 2016
Self-Driving Cars May Dramatically Change Auto-Insurance Industry
The auto insurance industry faces upheaval in the next 25 years as the migration to autonomous safety features shifts more of a car's accident risk from the driver to the vehicle, analysts said.

Can Google Glass Help Autistic Children Read Faces?
Reading emotions in people's faces is one of the biggest challenges for autistic children. Now they may be getting help from "autism glass," an experimental device that runs on Google Glass.

NFL Teams Trying To Reduce Fumbles with Beeping Footballs
Amid the hooting and hollering at Washington Redskins minicamp, there's a different sound in the air during running back drills. Coaches whack at the football with Matt Jones carrying it, and it beeps.

Is Your Set-Top Box Telling Advertisers What You Watch?
Your set-top box is ratting you out to advertisers. At least that's the contention of consumer groups that filed complaints with authorities demanding a crackdown on overzealous data collection.

Big Changes Coming for Video Game Consoles, Are You Ready?
The next generation of console gaming is coming. Or is it? Experts at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo forecast a future where Xboxes and PlayStations are updated as often as smartphones.

3-D Pens, Moldable Earbuds Take Stage at Tech Show in NY
From a 3-D pen that lets kids safely doodle with melted plastic to an electrically charged glass that makes beer taste bubblier, there was no shortage of fun and quirky gadgets at CE Week.

Uber Aims To Give Upfront Price, Kills Off the Scary Lightning Bolt
People love Uber, the San Francisco-based vehicles-for-hire company. What they don't love is being uncertain about how much they will have to pay to hire those vehicles. Now Uber is trying to change that.

Agency Hopes Apps Will Keep Drones Away from Wildfires
Hobby drone ownership has spiked, and more and more of the devices have been spotted flying illegally over active wildfires, where they endanger the airplanes and helicopters used to battle the blazes.

How Do You Teach Human Interaction to a Robot? Lots of TV
Remember the Jetsons' robot maid, Rosie? Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers think her future real-life incarnations can learn a thing or two from Steve Carell and other sitcom stars.



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