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Saturday November 22, 2014
FTC Cracks Down on Tech Support Scammers
Have you ever been scammed by a tech support service claiming you have computer issues just so the techs can get into your wallet? Many people have -- and the FTC is working to put a stop to it.

Financial Planning Gets a Dose of Virtual Reality
Pie charts, spreadsheets and eyes glazing over are the usual markers of financial planning. Fidelity Investments is trying to change that equation with an experiment in 3-D technology.

Watch What You Tweet, Those Rants Can Haunt You
Any tweet you've ever made is now indexed and searchable. The good news is that Twitter is allowing you to search for and delete tweets you regret, although it might take some time and effort.

Snapchat Links with Square for Snapcash
First, it was photos then video text. Now, add money to the list of things people can send to each other via the Snapchat app, thanks to a partnership between Snapchat and payment service Square.

Nokia Launches $249 N1 Android Tablet
It may not have its name on Lumia devices any longer but that doesn’t mean Nokia is missing from the mobile device marketplace. The firm just announced the first Nokia-branded Android tablet.

Is Intel's Bracelet Wearable Really 'Wantable'?
Chipmaker Intel and Open Ceremony are showing off a wearable bracelet technology that aims squarely at the luxury market. Dubbed MICA, the device targets “highly-connected” women.

Review: Apple's iOS 8 Provides a Smarter Type
With the free iOS 8 upgrade, typing on the iPhone's touch keyboard doesn't seems as infuriating as it did before. The new "QuickType" keyboard is smart enough to anticipate what you're typing.

Review: HTC Re Camera Fun, But Doesn't Beat Phones
Don't live your life through a screen. That's the premise behind HTC's new Re camera, which aims to let users document all of life's little moments and actually experience them, too.

Is Future of Google Glass Losing Its Rosy Tint?
A new report says many app developers have stopped work on Google Glass-related projects, key employees have left the project and a funding consortium has vanished. Is the project losing traction?


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