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Saturday November 28, 2015
Raspberry Pi Offers $5 and $35 Personal Computers
Still hungry for pie after Thanksgiving? You might be interested in the newest offering from Raspberry Pi. The firm is selling its Zero PC for a mere $5, while the Raspberry Pi 2 (pictured) is priced at $35.

Longer Waits at Checkout? Blame Credit-Card Chip Technology
The holiday shopping season means waiting in line. But this year may be even worse. New chip technology in credit cards is making purchases safer but may be causing longer lines at some retailers.

Tuition-Free Online University Draws Immigrant Students
Since its accreditation, the tuition-free online University of the People has seen enrollment grow nearly five-fold. While most students hail from overseas, more U.S. immigrants are signing up.

Facebook's 'Most Used Words' Collects a Ton of Your Data
Thanks to the My Most Used Words on FB app, you can click buttons and see a word cloud of everything you've ever said in a status update. Fun, right? So why is it being called a privacy nightmare?

Six Ways To Get Streaming Video to Your Big Screen
Watching video on a phone or computer can sometimes feel less than awesome, not to mention lonely. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get streaming video onto your big living-room screen.

Gift Guide: Kiddie Tech Beyond Video Games, Tablets
What to get a tech-savvy kid who's tired of the same old tablets and video games? New toys this year range from easy-to-use sets for building circuits to a talking dinosaur powered by IBM's Watson.

Sturdy, Sleek, Small Action Cameras Abound
Action cameras are getting smaller, better and more connected. If you're looking to gift one to a thrill-seeking bungee jumper or a mountain-bike recreationist, many shoot high-quality footage.

TV Buying Guide: Get Out Tape Measure Before Shopping
If you're shopping for a TV this holiday weekend, get out a tape measure and do some quick calculations before you head to the store. And count the number of gadgets you'll want to connect to the screen.

Inside Snapchat's Newest Feature: Story Explorer
A newly minted Snapchat feature called Story Explorer will allow users to see more than just one or two vantage points of a moment. They can view it "thousands" of times with unique perspectives.



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