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Thursday July 28, 2016
New Nvidia GPU Packs a Punch
Powerful is the name of the game for Nvidia's new GPU. But while the new Quadro P6000 could be used impressively in gaming, its real aim is at designers and scientists who work with in-depth visuals.

So Long Siri, Hello Alexa: Goodbye Privacy?
It seems our lives are now filled with sexy sounding digital assistants competing to serve us. Amazon's Echo with Alexa has been a hit because "she" is always standing by to answer your request.

The Best Apps for Improving Your Public Speaking
Americans supposedly fear it more than death: public speaking. Does your smartphone hold the cure? There are dozens of public speaking apps that offer some basic assistance.

Startups Aim To Be Like Uber for Women, with Female Drivers
Ride-hailing company See Jane Go plans to offer an alternative to Uber, Lyft and taxis by catering specifically to women who don't feel comfortable getting into a car with a male stranger.

The Lure of Pokemon Go: Respite from a Summer of Violence
Coming in what's been an otherwise soul-crushing summer filled with endless shootings and other horrors, Pokemon Go offers an escape, without removing us from the real world completely.

NFL To Put Microchips in Footballs To Study Kicks
Giving new meaning to the term chip-shot field goal, the NFL will have microchips inserted in each K-ball (kicking ball) this preseason to study whether goal post uprights should be narrowed.

Popularity of Airbnb, Uber Surges with American Summer Travelers
The popularity of sharing economy businesses like Airbnb and Uber continues to grow, with twice as many Americans planning to use such services this summer, compared to last summer.

How To Choose a Fitness Tracker When They All Sound the Same
Most fitness trackers can measure a lot: steps taken, heart beats, sleep quality and workout performance. That's a lot of data, but are they useful? It depends on what you're looking for.

The Wait Is Over for Pokemon Go Fans in Japan
The wait is over, and Pokemon Go is expected to be a huge hit in Japan, the country of the character's birth. Fans have been eagerly awaiting its release since it first came out more than two weeks ago.



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