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Thursday September 21, 2017
Hangry! Bae! Words With Friends Adds 50,000 New Words
Tell your bae, BFF or your bestie: Mobile gaming favorite Words With Friends is adding thousands of pop culture words as part of its largest dictionary update in the game's eight-year history.

Old Phones Piling Up? Here's How To Reuse, Recycle or Sell Them
It's natural to get the phone-upgrade itch when the likes of Apple, Samsung and others keep coming out with newer models. But what do you do with a serviceable but outdated gadget?

High-Tech Pigskin: NFL Mines Data with Football Chips
The NFL is trying new high-tech footballs fitted with chips that count rotations and shoulder pads that track exact player movements. Yet, their usefulness is up for debate. How much data is too much?

Don't Want To Spend $999 on a Phone? Other Options Abound
Apple's new iPhone X is special. It has flashy upgrades, facial recognition and animated emoji. But not everyone will find those extra features necessary. Here are some cheaper options.

All NFL Games Will Air Online, But Watching Won't Be Easy
Every NFL football game will be shown live online this season -- but that doesn't mean you'll be able to watch them. Your best bet at comprehensive streaming will involve some old standbys.

Red Sox Reportedly Used Apple Watch To Steal Yankees' Signs
Looking for any edge in an age-old rivalry, the Boston Red Sox got called out in a high-tech sign-stealing scheme they ran on the New York Yankees that involved an Apple Watch to relay signals.

Walkie-Talkie App Zello Gets a Hurricane Boost
One beneficiary of Hurricane Irma's ominous path toward Florida: the live voice app Zello. The walkie-talkie-styled app is said to have played a role in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Apple's TV Plans Are Still Stuck in Neutral
This isn't where Apple thought it would be in 2017. Adding 4K support to a new version of its Apple TV box certainly won't help Apple leapfrog the competition right now, and there's nothing else on tap.

Are Self-Driving Cars a Hacker's Dream? Think Again
Self-driving cars feel like they should provide a nice juicy target for hackers. But that’s the wrong way round, security researchers say. In fact, self-driving cars may be unintentionally more secure.


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