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Amazon May Join Messaging Market with Competitor to WhatsApp
Posted: July 17, 2017 9:51am PDT

Amazon is reportedly preparing to join the big players in the messaging application industry that includes Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google and has decided to unveil an app of its own.

Called 'Anytime', the messaging app for Android, iOS and the desktop promises a few twists on the usual formula.

While it will have the usual features -- message encryption, video, voice and stickers, it will also reportedly have a few hooks that would make it easy to sign up and participate in group chats.

A report in AFTVnews has stated that users would only need a name to reach out to someone like a Twitter mention, as opposed to WhatsApp, that requires phone numbers.

The report comes after Amazon conducted a survey to determine just what it is people are looking for in a messaging app.

A leaked promotional teaser for the service was also released.

It said that Amazon describes Anytime as "everything you've always wanted in a messaging app -- and a whole lot more!"

Recently, Amazon joined the new-age communication tech, with Echo calling support and business video conferencing and experts believe that its next big bet would be adding text-based messaging to the mix.

A chat app would serve as a sales hook for Amazon gadgets.

So far, Amazon has, however, not confirmed details regarding the app and reports stated that it is believed to be gearing up for launch by the end of this year.

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